What is Found Money?

Found Money for Business™ is, unlike financing, money your business does not need to pay back.  It’s money that can reduce your business’ cost of operations, and goes directly to your bottom line, boosting your business profitability and value.

Business Advisors 360 leverages its extensive team of experts to provide Found Money for Business™.

We have over 200 strategies to help qualified businesses claim tax credits, and reduce additional unnecessary taxes, expenses, risks, and liabilities to free up capital.

We identify aspects of clients’ businesses where the greatest efficiencies and tax reductions can be found in order to increase cost savings

Business Advisors 360 helps business owners multiply this Found Money for increased profit, reinvestment in the business, and exit preparation.

The strategies we help our clients access derive from many different sources:

Many of the solutions we provide require working with experts and looking across professional silos to identify the opportunity and have required extensive strategy, research, analysis, relationships, and vetting.

Is Your Business Going to Miss the $26,000/Employee Windfall?

Find out now if your business qualifies for 

the Employee Retention Credit before it expires!

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